Donald M Hart

Donald M Hart

The Novelists' Home Page Welcome to Donald M Hart

The Novelists' Home Page Welcome to Donald M Hart

Donald M. Hart

About Me

      Donald M. Hart is an aspiring novelist living in the humid south.  He is semi-retired and lives in the house he was raised in and shared with his wife of thirty-two years.  His wife died in March of 2010 after a five year battle with Breast Cancer.  She was just fifty years old.  He is the father of a twenty-nine year old daughter and Grandfather to two grandsons and one granddaughter.  He is also slave to a dogs and a cats.

     Donald has had a passion for the written word since he was five.  He authored his first short story in the second grade at the age of six.  He has several published works to his credit. They include two short stories, three articles about backpacking and seven free verse poems that could be classified as introspective and abstract.  All of his publications have been to regional markets.

    Donald is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University where he earned a degree in creative writing.

     Donald is determined to finish his journey in Creative Writing because of one of his wife’s promises she had him make to her: “Go back to school, finish your degree and write that Damn novel you’re always talking about”.

     Donald has finished the research for his novel and plans to start the writing process in September 2017.  The novel has yet to be given a name and he is very closed mouthed as to what it is about.  

    In his spare time Donald reads a wide variety of fiction by many different authors.  His library, which takes up two rooms of his house, has well over 5000 volumes of which he claims to have read 90%.  Donald is a prolific reader; able to read a 400 page novel in just six hours and studies each authors style, approach, and technique as he reads.

     If his future novel is as entertaining and exciting as his short stories it will be worth the wait and read.

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